Forest area perfect for hiking or training your dog

You can rent, in the municipality of Ii, a fenced six-hectare forest called Koirametsä Hiisi throughout the year just for yourself! Come here with your friends or family for a hiking trip. The forest area is located in a natural and peaceful setting on Pikku-Koni island in the municipality of Ii, approximately three kilometers from the highway. This beautiful mixed forest, dominated by pine trees, includes a pond area. There is a campfire spot where you can enjoy a fire, make coffee, grill sausages, or cook food.

Lean-to-shelter suitable for cooking and camping.
Barn containing firewood.

Firewood can be found in the nearby barn, available for customers to use for making a fire. The lean-to shelter provides good weather protection and is spacious enough that you can even stay overnight if you wish! Tools for grilling sausages are available at the lean-to, so please do not make your own roasting sticks from the area’s trees. Toilet facilities are also available behind the lean-to shelter.

The forest is also intended for allowing dogs to run around freely and safely without other disturbances. You can spend time in the forest either with your own dog, together with friends, or arrange dog breed meetings with multiple dogs. Here, you can also train your dog more purposefully. The water areas in the area are suitable, for example, for practicing retriever dogs.

You can reserve the forest for yourself for varying periods. If you are interested in this activity, please contact [+358 45 6659728 (Matti) or +358 40 5422968 (Tiina)]

The ponds are perfect for water training of dogs.